About the Trust

Feed is a non-profit organisation committed to providing Bible resources in languages with too few Bible resources. We’re currently developing downloadable video, audio and text resources in Burmese, Kannada, French and English.
The Trust seeks to encourage the production of materials which combine the highest levels of scholarship with accessibility and which would be freely available to those who cannot pay, supported by those who can.
All profits go directly into funding the work of The Feed Trust; producing, translating and distributing Bible resources – so by purchasing a product from our store you are helping provide Biblical resources across the world.

Our Background

The Feed Trust (formerly known as Cedar Hill Trust) was established in 1998. Each Trustee recognised the benefit of sitting under faithful Bible teaching each week and having an abundance of resources to aid their Christian growth. The Trust evolved and now actively seeks ways to support Christians throughout the world who do not enjoy such freedom, fellowship and resource.

The Trust is committed to advancing Christianity throughout the world without geographical or sectarian limitations and in recent years has hosted Bible teaching events across the globe, engaging with university students, training pastors and their wives, assisting in primary and secondary education projects, funding media ministry and in more recent years setting up the publication of literature, DVDs and web media in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Present

The Trust is currently involved with the production, translation and distribution of Biblical resources in India (Karnataka State), Burma, Burkina Faso and French speaking West Africa and United Kingdom/ Ireland. Materials can be downloaded for free in these languages from this website as well as physical copies being distributed inside the country where web access is not currently available.

The Future

The Trust is here to serve and help equip the global church where possible.

We aim to regularly expand our offering of media clips, sermon notes, study guides and dvd/books and add to the number of languages in which we can provide resources, with Arabic and Portuguese targeted in the near future.

We hope that you and others will find the Biblical resources on this site useful and appreciate the need to assist the global church. If you wish to contribute financially please make a donation at our store [link].


Gilbert Lennox leads the team of elders at Glenabbey Church, in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, a church which he helped to found in 1988 and where he also serves as the main Bible teacher.
A native of the city of Armagh, where he also went to school, he studied modern languages at The Queen’s University, Belfast, and then spent three years in doctoral research in Spanish literature, before taking the post-graduate certificate of education at the same university. He taught for nine years in Antrim Grammar School, and then was appointed Head of Modern Languages in Ballyclare High School, where he worked for six years. In 1996 he left his career in education to focus full-time on his roles both with Glenabbey and with the wider church in leadership, teaching and writing.

He has travelled widely in Africa and India as well as in Europe and North and South America, teaching the Bible, working with students and especially church leaders. Getting the Message, a guide to personal Bible Study, was published in 2003 and has been followed by two books of devotional Bible studies on the books of Luke and Acts.

His main hobbies are photography, bird watching, reading and watching cricket. Gilbert is married to Heather who is a primary school teacher. They have four adult children and live in Newtownabbey, to the north of Belfast.

John Lennox MA, MA(Bioethics), PhD., DPhil, DSc., is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science, and Pastoral Advisor at Green College. He is also Lecturer at Wycliffe-Hall, University of Oxford. He is a native of Northern Ireland and went to school there. He was then Exhibitioner and Senior Scholar at Emmanuel College Cambridge, where he also attended the last lectures of C.S. Lewis, and then became Reader in Mathematics at the University of Wales, Cardiff. During his 29 years in Cardiff he spent a year at each of the universities of Wuerzburg, Freiburg (as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow) and Vienna and has lectured extensively in both Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and North America on mathematics, apologetics and the exposition of Scripture.

He has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles on mathematics and co-authored two Oxford Mathematical Monographs and has worked as a translator of Russian mathematics. He also speaks French and German.
In addition he teaches on Science and Religion in the University of Oxford and on Apologetics and Biblical Exposition at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He is the author of a number of books on the relations of science with religion and ethics, the most recent of which are: Informetika, Budapest, Harmat-Keve, 2001; Hat die Wissenschaft Gott begraben? (Has Science buried God?), Brockhaus, 2002 (Spanish Clie 2003). Worldview 2004 with Professor D.W. Gooding (3 volumes in Russian and Ukrainian). His most recent book is “God’s Undertaker – Has Science buried God?” (Kregel 2007).

During the Cold War he made repeated visits over 25 years to many of the Communist countries and since the collapse of communism has visited Russia repeatedly speaking in Universities and Academies of Science.
He has been married to Sally (for 40 years) and they have three children and four grandchildren and live in the countryside near Oxford.


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Getting the Message

Gilbert Lennox
Getting the Message

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